Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this work?

    Our team of robots will check if a course becomes available for you. Non-stop 24/7, so you can relax and do other things with your time.

  • How do I get notified if a course becomes available?

    Our robots will immediately send you a text message, alerting you that it has become available.

  • Does this register the course for me?

    No, we only check and alert you. Once you receive our text message, you need to hurry and register in it yourself. We would like to register for you, but that is not allowed : - (

  • How can I support you guys?

    You can support this website by purchasing the "premium" waitlist option, and also by telling your friends!

  • Are you affiliated with any universities?

    Nope, we have no affiliation with any universities. Any trademarks or logos you see are for reference purposes only (even though there shouldn't be any).

  • How is this different from other course notifiers?

    It looks way cooler, and is also most importantly, way faster. Speed is key in making sure you are the first person notified when a spot becomes open.

Did we miss something?

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